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We are a dermatology and Mohs surgery practice with three locations in Rhode Island and we have been selling Z-Blok sunscreen successfully for about 3 years. 

Z-Blok has been selling steadily, mostly to Mohs patients or to patients who are boaters or golfers. It's been good to have for patients who are looking for a sunscreen that is good quality, affordable, doesn't sting their eyes and helps them follow our Doctor's instructions.

Also it has not hindered sales of higher end cosmetics because those target a different demographic - mostly females over 40 and under 60.

Anka Davis, CMPE
Aspire Dermatology

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Helpful Sunscreen information from the EPA

The EPA has published a scientific report on effective use of sunscreens and what active ingredients are the most effective. Click here to read "The Burning Facts".

Research Highlights:

  • SPF only measures protection from UVB rays, not cancer causing UVA rays
  • SPF ratings over 30 provide very little additional protection from UVB rays
  • Zinc oxide is the only active ingredient to provide "Extensive Protection" from both UVA and UVB rays
  • Zinc oxide is a "physical" blocking ingredient, not a "chemical" ingredient, so it is less likely to cause allergic skin reactions.

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